• Every 20 seconds a US business is hacked.
  • How prepared is your business to survive a ransomware attack?
  • After all, the success of your business is dependent on the health and stability of your IT systems.

How important is it to you that your business and confidential data be secured, stable and readily accessible 24x7? How prepared are you to survive a ransomware attack or a similar unforeseen, disabling event? After all, the success of your business is dependent on the health and stability of your IT systems.

When you schedule a physical with your doctor it’s called a checkup, when you invite SRS to assess the health of your information technology, it’s called a “Workscope.” Like a good doctor, we not only look at your current IT health, we look at your industry, and listen to your vision for the future growth of your business to anticipate what your IT needs will be in the future -- and perhaps most importantly today, make sure your business and confidential data is well protected from cybercriminals.

We start the Workscope with a discovery phase. Then we assess risks, opportunities for increased productivity, data security, and competitive advantage.

The Workscope is instrumental in identifying areas where you can achieve a competitive advantage through IT, and potential automation and/or workflow improvements.

The result is a customized strategic plan of action designed specifically for your unique needs – not an off-the-shelf proposal where only a few words are changed to fit your industry. You’ll receive a trustworthy cost estimate in support of our recommendations and a realistic implementation timeline.

The SRS Workscope is competitively priced on a sliding scale by the size of the organization and the challenges being confronted. We are so confident in our recommendations, that if you choose to retain SRS for your IT Services, the total investment in the Workscope will be applied to your implementation.

If you’re interested in learning more about an SRS Workscope, share a little information about yourself and your primary area of concern and one of our staff will personally send you the Workscope PDF that includes a sample Workscope deliverable agenda along with our pricing structure.