SRS can install firewall servers and security software to protect internet connectivity and control employee access to external websites. Our customized solutions scan emails and prevent spam from entering the firm’s email servers. We can also implement Virtual Private Networks and customized Secure Remote Communication connections.

SRS technical security services include remote network monitoring, virus scans, and access management for all of your end-users. These systems continuously scan for potential points of risk, intrusions, and attempts to compromise the firm’s IT infrastructure.  Our server co-location capabilities provide the opportunity to place vital server equipment into a secure data center.

Governance & Cybersecurity

SRS can gather, update, and formalize the IT policies and procedures that govern access to internal IT systems from mobile devices and remote locations.  

We provide system access management tools to ensure the safety of our clients’ IT infrastructure.  If access violations are detected, SRS provides immediate notifications and takes steps to prevent harm from occurring.

It might surprise you to learn that the #1 IT security threat today is not a virus, a hack (although malware is #2), or other technically-based risks. It’s your staff; today almost every ransomware attack has a phishing component.  But it’s important for managers and executives to be aware of all of the cybersecurity and other threats facing them today.  SRS’s 10-minute video Known Thine Enemy gets you up to speed quickly.