SRS views training as an opportunity for our clients to develop a highly effective and productive workforce, while concurrently deploying consistent company-wide IT security policies.  This can include the development of technical onboarding procedures as well as IT security measures to follow when employees leave the firm.

Skills Training

SRS takes the burden off your IT teams with the deployment of SRS end-user skill development programs. Our proactive approach can be particularly helpful during the ramp-up of SRS support services. For example, help desk requests from one client were reduced by more than 75% when we taught users how to solve common workstation glitches and problems. Major system changes can often cause upheaval to the way users work; technology training helps users embrace those changes.  Management should plan ahead to make sure users know what's happening, how it will impact their work processes and especially how it may affect their role.

Cybersecurity Training

The #1 IT security threat today comes from inside the office. Secure IT operations begin with users working in their technology ecosystems in safe ways. Today every malware attack has an email phishing component; it’s important to know how to spot those. SRS has a comprehensive End-User Security training webinar that is updated regularly to reflect the top threats facing customers today and how you can protect against them. Your staff really do want to know how to protect themselves, and they also want to understand how to access data securely. SRS can codify your IT policies and procedures so staff have clear guidance on how to be successful.

Remote Management & Help Desk Support

The foundation of a support system is remote management. SRS provides IT infrastructure Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services that can actively seek out impending IT infrastructure problems and address them before they occur.  RMM services typically include virus scans, system-wide software updates, and the remote management of servers.

But when end-users do need assistance, SRS offers our clients a range of help desk options including email and phone support. Our clients speak to and work directly with SRS technical experts, available 24x7, who immediately respond to issues and resolve problems.