Office Relocations & Branch Office Assistance

If there’s one thing that people dislike more than packing, it’s moving. The list of moving parts in office relocation is seemingly endless: building restraints, technology infrastructure, insurance changes, and managing logistics requirements. It truly makes sense and costs less when you allow an expert to help you:

  • Establish a  realistic schedule taking into account the number of vendors and staff who will participate in and be affected by the move;
  • Establish the actual timeline accounting for all factors involved -- the size of the facility and the scope of work involved, lead times for ordering new equipment, installation requirements, and
  • Create a realistic budget and checklist.

SRS has assisted numerous clients with office relocations that often require coordinating separate but concurrent services such as server room build-out, cabling, and workstation provisioning all unified into a single project. SRS has also provided services that standardize branch office IT infrastructure and user support.  All of this requires expert navigation in meeting multitudes of building code requirements, which SRS also provides.

This is a great example of where the SRS Workscope value is easily seen.  Often during this Workscope where we address all of the relocation requirements, customers who want to make sure they are well-positioned for growth and success, ask us to include one-year and two-year strategic plans and associated budgets that emphasize the cost-effective use of technology. This is also the time they usually ask us to help them develop or update their business continuity plan so, in the event of a disaster, they minimize the amount of downtime experienced and have alternative methods of continuing work.