Private Clouds

Strategic Response Systems delivers our private StrategicCloud℠ ecosystem from a secure, locally – based data center housing SRS-owned & operated servers. SRS’s StrategicCloud℠ approach offers a unique blend of benefits found in both public cloud and private cloud options and ensures that SRS controls the security and performance of our private cloud ecosystem and related services.

SRS also maintains private rack space within the data center for clients who wish to co-locate their servers within a secure facility.  Customers’ private servers can be housed, managed, and maintained within server racks we exclusively control. We can also provide customized server management and maintenance services to accompany the physical server colocation.

Public Clouds

Start-ups and small, growing companies often prefer a public cloud computing solution for cost reasons and because it is assumed that it’s an easy way to get your data to the cloud. There are important tradeoffs between private and public cloud solutions and security is but one concern.

Many firms in our services sector are limited to providing either a private cloud or a public cloud.  Strategic Response Systems offer both options and our technical staff have significant expertise in successful public cloud implementations, with our technical experts also skilled at deploying applications within a customized AWS or Azure platform.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that public cloud providers set up your security for you; they do just the basics.  The rest is up to you.

Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds enable firms to simultaneously access systems on public, 3rd party solutions, and private cloud platforms. We can design cloud infrastructure connectivity solutions that seamlessly integrate multiple cloud ecosystems, and SRS can provide user and IT support services that cover all cloud usage scenarios, including those that involve specialized cloud software vendors.