Disaster Recovery

SRS specializes in resolving complex technical issues that affect business operations and has developed deep experience in the field of complex information retrieval, and system restoration including:

  • Restoration of corrupted email systems
  • Recovery of data loss across distributed servers and company-wide file systems
  • System-wide network failures
  • Internet connectivity repair Resolve Server issues caused by security breaches

Emergency responses sometimes require the coordination of multiple services. A sprinkler goes off in the server room, some hard drives need specialized data recovery services, certain equipment must be physically repaired, a key application system is corrupted. SRS can coordinate a seamless recovery project that combines the expert services of several firms if required.

Business Continuity

What disaster recovery is to IT data, business continuity is to meeting your deadlines -- providing your staff and crews with direction on how, where, and when they can continue working during a disaster (natural or otherwise).

SRS can help you devise a business continuity plan that ensures your company can continue work through an emergency with as little downtime as possible and no surprises.  In developing your business continuity plan, security plays a central role and our experts can demonstrate that a secure system doesn’t have to break the bank.