The #1 security issue firms in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industries face is insufficient oversight and controls on end-user access to their IT systems.

What are today’s high ROI IT investments for the AEC industries?

  • Cybersecurity & Cloud Access Management (Connected Job Sites)
  • Change Control, Document/Drawing, Permit Management
  • Inventory Management & Logistics
  • Smart Buildings, Configuration & Safety

Fast-Growing Industry
In the New York Building Conference’s report Construction Outlook, 2017 to 2019, New York City is in its fourth year of a building boom. Companies that invest in IT services and systems can gain a competitive edge. One example is the increase in computer usage efficiencies by investing in deeper levels of IT support.

Use of Proven Technologies
In fast-growth markets that produce more projects, Cloud platforms are now on the forefront as a proven technology. For example, Cloud computing ecosystems can deliver automated data and file mirroring. The SRS Private Cloud can reduce the time it takes the IT group to continuously manage and implement onsite backup.

Fluid Workforce
This report also indicates that employment in the NYC construction industry is projected to increase for the sixth consecutive year.  The #1 security issue firms face is end-user access to their IT systems. New contractors and employees can pose expanded IT security risks.  Enhanced technical security measures and technologies can improve overall firm IT security.

Customized User Support
Customized user support is another trend in IT services. Examples include phone-in and email-based help desks as well as IT team support that benefits from specialized expertise. With workloads growing, the speed and efficiency of IT issue resolution at the end-user layer has become a proven impactor on firm productivity.