Case Studies

Enabling Smooth Client Email Migration:
Overcoming Technical Hurdles for Seamless Transition from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange

In 2005, SRS, a leading IT consulting firm based in New York City, was engaged by a business consulting firm in Seattle, Washington, to assist with a critical email migration project for their client in New York City. The primary objective was to migrate the client's email system from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange. This case study explores how SRS successfully navigated the technical complexities of the migration, ensuring a seamless transition for the Seattle-based consulting firm's client and enhancing their business operations.

Business Challenge

The Seattle-based consulting firm's client, a prominent company in New York City, relied on the GroupWise email system, which presented several challenges that hindered their communication efficiency. Large mailboxes exceeding the limitations of the target Exchange version, incompatible logins between GroupWise and Exchange, and potential mailbox corruption were among the technical complexities that needed to be addressed. Moreover, the absence of reliable migration utilities and costly third-party solutions further compounded the migration challenge. The client had stringent downtime requirements and demanded uninterrupted access to emails during the migration process.

SRS's Business Approach

Understanding the importance of a seamless email migration for the Seattle-based consulting firm's client, SRS adopted a business-centric approach to ensure a successful and hassle-free transition:

Tailored Migration Plan

SRS collaborated closely with the Seattle-based consulting firm to gather specific requirements and assess the complexities of the migration. This information formed the foundation for a comprehensive and customized migration plan.

Leveraging Technical Expertise

With a team of skilled IT professionals experienced in both GroupWise and Exchange environments, SRS efficiently addressed the technical challenges. Their expertise allowed them to devise optimal solutions for the migration.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Acknowledging budget constraints, SRS developed cost-effective scripts and tools to streamline the migration process without relying on expensive third-party utilities.

Data Security and Integrity

SRS prioritized data security, implementing rigorous measures to safeguard against data loss and potential security breaches during the migration.

Managed Migration

To meet the client's strict downtime requirements, SRS meticulously planned the migration timeline. They scheduled the transition to minimize business disruptions and ensure uninterrupted email access.

Business Outcomes

SRS's business-focused approach yielded significant outcomes for the Seattle-based consulting firm and their New York City-based client:

Successful Migration

SRS efficiently executed the email migration from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange for the Seattle-based consulting firm's client, ensuring data integrity and preserving critical information.

Enhanced Communication

With the transition to Microsoft Exchange, the client experienced a marked improvement in their email communication capabilities. The robust features of Exchange empowered efficient communication and collaboration.

Minimal Downtime

By managing the migration process meticulously, SRS met the client's downtime requirements, minimizing disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted email access for their business operations.

Cost Savings

SRS's cost-effective approach resulted in significant cost savings for the Seattle-based consulting firm and their client, as they did not have to invest in expensive third-party migration solutions and the Enterprise version of Microsoft Exchange.

Ongoing Support

SRS provided comprehensive post-migration support, assisting the client with the transition to Microsoft Outlook and offering technical expertise for resolving other critical IT issues.


SRS's business-centric strategy and technical proficiency enabled a seamless email migration for the Seattle-based consulting firm's client. By addressing the technical complexities and mitigating potential hurdles, SRS facilitated a smooth transition from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange, significantly improving the client's email communication and collaboration capabilities. The successful outcome of this project demonstrates SRS's commitment to delivering exceptional business solutions that align with their clients' objectives.