Case Studies

Empowering Growth and Security: Lake Hill's IT Infrastructure Transformation Journey with SRS

Lake Hill Capital Management (Lake Hill) is a privately owned asset management firm specializing in quantitative and relative value strategies within derivatives and underlying securities markets. Founded in 2005, Lake Hill has established partnerships with institutional clients and high-net-worth families, offering investment solutions through our flagship products and customized portfolios.

The firm is led by industry leaders with extensive experience navigating various market cycles. The management team of Lake Hill boasts a distinguished background, having held senior positions at reputable financial institutions such as Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Bank of America, Bloomberg, and more.

Lake Hill actively seeks out exceptionally talented individuals in the derivatives markets to identify and capitalize on new opportunities. Their global team, comprised of world-class professionals, seamlessly combines the art and science of investing while staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


Lake Hill faced the challenge of establishing a robust and secure corporate network in 2005. They partnered with SRS to address their network infrastructure requirements and ensure seamless remote connectivity. This case study highlights the key milestones and achievements in Lake Hill's IT infrastructure transformation journey.

Initial Network Setup

In 2005, Lake Hill engaged SRS to set up a comprehensive corporate network encompassing multiple servers, workstations, routers, and firewalls. The primary objective was to establish a reliable and secure network infrastructure to accommodate their growing business needs.

Remote Connectivity and Dedicated Link to Goldman Sachs

SRS collaborated with Lake Hill and the technical teams of Goldman Sachs to establish remote connectivity and a dedicated, secure connection to Goldman Sachs' systems. This ensured seamless communication and data exchange between the two entities, facilitating efficient financial transactions.

Power Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted operations, SRS implemented power redundancy measures to mitigate the risk of downtime due to power failures. Additionally, a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy was implemented to safeguard critical data and ensure rapid recovery in the event of any unforeseen disruptions.

Relocation and System Upgrades

SRS collaborated closely with Lake Hill's leadership to facilitate the relocation of its IT systems and data lines. This involved careful planning and execution to minimize downtime and ensure a seamless transition. SRS also played a crucial role in upgrading the operating systems and applying security patches to enhance system performance and protect against vulnerabilities.

Mission-Critical Database Management

SRS assumed responsibility for managing Lake Hill's mission-critical databases in real-time. This involved ensuring data integrity, implementing robust backup mechanisms, and closely monitoring database performance to minimize the risk of data loss or system failures.

Data Center Migrations

To further enhance their infrastructure, Lake Hill decided to migrate their systems to new data centers. SRS facilitated the smooth transition of all IT systems to the BT Radianz data center, ensuring uninterrupted operations throughout the migration process. Subsequently, SRS also led the migration of Lake Hill's systems to the Equinix data center, enabling enhanced scalability, reliability, and connectivity without any downtime.

Connectivity with Deutsche Bank and Crossover Connections

As part of their operations, Lake Hill required connectivity with Deutsche Bank. SRS worked closely with Lake Hill’s leadership and Deutsche Bank's technical teams to establish and maintain a secure connection. SRS also successfully handled crossover connections, enabling seamless communication between Lake Hill and other financial institutions.

Financial Software Management

SRS undertook to manage and support various financial software products utilized by Lake Hill. This included ensuring compatibility, providing technical assistance, and staying updated with the latest software releases to optimize system performance and maintain a secure environment.

Transition to Leucadia Asset Management

In 2016, Lake Hill became a division of Leucadia Asset Management LLC. Throughout this transition, SRS continued to provide comprehensive IT support to all critical systems, ensuring a smooth integration process and minimal disruption to daily operations.

Bottom Line

Lake Hill's partnership with SRS resulted in a successful transformation of its IT infrastructure. By establishing a secure corporate network, enabling remote connectivity, managing mission-critical databases, facilitating data center migrations to BT Radianz and Equinix, and providing ongoing support, SRS was vital in empowering Lake Hill to operate efficiently and securely. This collaboration laid the foundation for Lake Hill's growth and successful transition into Leucadia Asset Management LLC.