Case Studies

Enhancing Infrastructure and Reducing Latency for Divox International Inc.

Divox International Inc. is a prominent Tier 2 Operator in the International Wholesale Carrier business, operating since 2008. Headquartered in New York, USA, Divox has offshore facilities in Dubai and India. With a reputation for carrying 350 million minutes globally, Divox prides itself on delivering excellent voice quality, backed by a responsive 24/7 technical support team. Their uninterrupted and easy-to-integrate services have led to a growing number of satisfied customers.


In 2012, Divox faced challenges with their initial data center choice, which lacked scalability for future growth and had limited maintenance hours. One of the most critical issues they aimed to address was reducing latency to ensure superior voice quality and customer satisfaction. To optimize their infrastructure and prioritize reducing latency for their VoIP business, Divox partnered with Strategic Response Systems (SRS).

Solutions Implemented

Data Center Migration and Setup

Strategic Response Systems (SRS) assisted Divox International Inc.'s CEO in finding more suitable data center locations in New York (NY) and New Jersey (NJ). SRS seamlessly facilitated the transition of servers to the Telx facilities in NY and NJ locations. SRS also managed the moving process and ensured that all necessary insurance was obtained, resulting in a secure and successful move.

Network Infrastructure and Connectivity

SRS optimized network performance with essential components, upgraded server memory and hard drives, implemented cable management solutions, conducted cross-connectivity testing, and reconfigured 50 servers to reduce latency. They also established a secure connection between NY and NJ data centers for seamless communication.

Streamlining VoIP Business

SRS spearheaded a project to revamp Divox's VoIP business, aiming to improve efficiency and performance. The project involved planning, designing, and rearranging equipment, including Sonus devices. Power strips, equipment, and cables were reorganized to enhance efficiency. Fiber cables were utilized to optimize performance. SRS coordinated multiple visits to data centers to ensure a smooth implementation, and additional equipment was seamlessly integrated to accommodate the changes.

Business Benefits

Reduced Latency and Enhanced VoIP Performance

The network reconfiguration, better ISP providers and BGP optimization led to a substantial reduction in latency, resulting in superior voice quality and reliable calls for Divox's customers. Additionally, the upgrade of servers and memory improved response times and minimized call delays.

Enhanced Scalability and Reliability

The transition to more suitable data centers enabled Divox to scale its operations and cater to a growing customer base while reducing latency. The optimization of network infrastructure and connectivity further improved overall system reliability and uptime.

Streamlined Business Operations

The VoIP business revamp organized Divox's data centers, resulting in increased efficiency for maintenance and troubleshooting, and further enhancing the overall system performance.

Enhanced Security and Investor Confidence

The implementation of secure connections, redundancy, and segmentation significantly improved network security and resilience, ultimately boosting investor confidence in Divox International Inc.

Bottom Line

Through its partnership with Strategic Response Systems (SRS), Divox International Inc. successfully addressed challenges related to their data centers and network infrastructure. By focusing on reducing latency, optimizing network connectivity, and streamlining their VoIP business, Divox achieved enhanced scalability, improved VoIP performance, and increased overall system reliability. The comprehensive infrastructure upgrades and latency reduction measures positioned Divox for continued growth and success in the competitive International Wholesale Carrier business, ensuring outstanding voice quality and customer satisfaction.