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There was a time when your business worked smoothly. But now, your business has grown, you’ve added staff; some remote, some onsite, and you’re managing an ever-growing amount of data.

It’s generally accepted that by the time you hit 25 employees, like concrete, culture starts to set. This is where processes become important and new employees will start to follow the norms they see. Company culture and processes develop, and it is always best to be intentional and provide that technology leadership.

If you want to make sure your company is ready for further growth, you’ll want to always be looking at these processes and be proactive vs. reactive, be strategic. If you’re “fixing things” all the time, your infrastructure is working against you, not for you.

It would be nice if your IT systems had a “check engine” light like your car, but it doesn’t. The point is though – when that light does go on, you bring it to a qualified mechanic right? Yes. They do a full diagnostic and then tell you what your issues are, and make recommendations – maybe there’s more than one thing that needs to be addressed, but they can fix the immediate issue and let you know what can wait a bit if you have budget constraints. That’s the kind of professional diagnostic you need for your IT systems as well. For your car, it’s a car inspection. For your IT infrastructure, it’s an SRS Workscope Assessment.

One obvious trigger for a paid assessment would be if you and another company plan to merge or if you are acquiring another company. But at the end of the day, it’s really all about ensuring you have maximum productivity, uptime, and security so your business can be successful.

What does an SRS Workscope include and how much does it cost? You can download our 2-page information sheet here.

Besides the quality of our work and expert guidance, what sets an SRS Workscope apart from others is that we are so confident in our abilities that we will apply a full 50% of your Workscope cost to the cost of our recommended implementation.

Nothing in life is really free of cost. What you want to look for are high-value opportunities, like this one.


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