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Cloud computing and the shareholder value it delivers has been a key driver in the move to a “service-based” approach where you no longer need to make expensive investments in server hardware and the staff to manage it. This liberation has truly transformed the way executives and their IT staff think about how they design and deliver computing resources for their companies in today's untethered and global business environment.

But today, the impact of an ill-considered or ill-defined cloud computing decision has gone beyond just being an IT issue – it’s now a serious boardroom concern. Any thoughts of “doing it in-house” is now a thing of the past partly because of cost, but largely because with today’s processing power it’s very difficult to maintain the right physical environment for all of the associated computing hardware. In addition to computing power, you need good visibility into just what you’re getting with your cloud subscription.

If you selected one of the discount cloud providers, would you know where your service provider will be physically hosting your critical data? Do you have any insight into the type of hardware used? How confident are you in the security provided? Can you easily contact an actual human customer service representative if there’s a failure? The answer to all of these questions is very likely, NO.

SRS’s exacting standards are designed to ensure that we only work with businesses that are truly looking for a trusted and experienced IT partner for their IT needs. This is crucial for stability and overall success and most importantly, customer satisfaction with the strategic IT solutions implemented on their behalf. If you’re ready to check out the many advantages of a StrategicCloud℠, get in touch with us!


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