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"Charter schools in New York are more autonomous than traditional public schools, and, in exchange for that freedom, they are held to a higher accountability standard for producing the academic outcomes outlined in their charter," per NYSED.

Adopting today’s mature and tested technologies can assist charter schools gain a competitive advantage in the current educational landscape and outperform other charter and traditional public schools.

Utilizing technology to its fullest potential can help charter schools prove their accountability and show that they are producing results. To stand out from the competition, charter schools can utilize technology as a powerful tool in maximizing their performance by improving the way students, teachers, staff, and parents work together.

Technology can produce significant outcomes for charter schools in a variety of ways, such as

  • Retaining Students: Capitalizing on technology can help charter schools gain a competitive advantage in improving their student retention rate. This is an enormous benefit for parents since they don't need to consider transferring their children to competing schools to get the skills their children need for success in today's digital world.
  • Attracting New Students: Technology can help maximize the academic experience for students; this can create an appealing proposition for prospective students. Charter schools that embrace this advantage stand out from the competition. This can lead to a surge in student enrollment.
  • Investing in Students: Technology in classrooms has become an instrumental tool to help students excel in this digital age. Charter schools that offer technological resources to their students are able to lay the groundwork for successful personal, academic, and professional futures.
  • Maximizing Teacher Productivity: Establishing an academic environment that promotes teacher productivity is critical in outperforming other charter schools. Adopting the most effective technology tools can eliminate cumbersome, repetitive tasks (grading, attendance, assigning classwork/homework, etc.) so that teachers can invest more time in their students’ learning experience.
  • Increasing Parental Involvement: Schools can use technology to create a platform for improved parent involvement. This can generate significant advantages such as increased attendance rates, higher levels of academic involvement, and enhanced student performance. Such advantages can provide schools with an invaluable competitive advantage!

Building a Strong Connection with Parents

Ensuring that parents are involved in their child's education is essential to their success. To make this easier, charter schools can implement technology tools to provide parents the ability to:

  • Apply and monitor the application/admissions process.
  • Check academic progress on a daily basis.
  • Communicate with teachers and other school faculty.
  • Intervene and address any issues quickly.

Implementing such tools can help build a strong connection between the school and parents and ultimately better outcomes for all students.

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With SRS Workscope, your charter school can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by streamlining its operational and educational models with strategic technological solutions.

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