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Law firms don’t usually wind up in the headlines for website data hacks; but from patent, disputes to breach of contract cases, law firms by nature of the industry, have a lot of exposure to sensitive and confidential information.

A recent American Bar Association Technology report reveals that some attorneys and law firms may not be devoting sufficient attention to security because they mistakenly believe it won’t happen to them. In fact, according to Lawyers Mutual, one in five law firms was hacked last year.

Cybercrime is the legal profession’s #1 threat, but each law firm is different. After fifteen years of working with law firms, SRS knows that the implementation of effective cybersecurity measures within one firm may not provide sufficient protection for a different firm. Effective IT security procedures deliver value only when they are implemented in proper and customized ways.

The good news is many risk variables are within your control and at SRS, we have a clear understanding of what law firms need to do in order to secure the firm’s valuable intellectual property and client data. We know that tangible value is generated by adopting the correct technologies, and training staff in its proper use.

Key areas of IT now at the forefront of importance within the legal sector include:

  • Cybersecurity | IP security;
  • Workflow efficiency | workflow automation,
  • eDiscovery | Document Management, and
  • End-User Tech Proficiency | Compliance

Understanding how each technology can help your firm is the first step. SRS has helped numerous law firms, large and small, realize the value generated by adopting and using the right technologies that meet their specified goals and deliver a high return on investment.  Download our Know Thine Enemy whitepaper to learn about 12 tips to protecting your companys' data from harm.


Sharad Suthar

Sharad has a proven track record of delivering successful IT projects underpinned by creative problem-solving and strategic thinking. He brings an extraordinary combination of in-depth technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and dedication to client satisfaction that enables him and his team at Strategic Response Systems to deliver optimal IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of each organization, from large corporates to small businesses. His impeccable attention to detail and accuracy ensure that his clients get the best possible results.